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Andrew Neale better known as Manupupule is a Master of all fine arts / Philanthropist / World Explorer

Manupupule has mastered painting in the style of hyper-realism however he has also mastered many other styles in both 2D & 3D. He is heavily influenced by his seven year voyages in the south and mid pacific as well as his exposure to and conversations with Hawaii’s greatest artist Herb Kawainui Kane who gave his artistic career a sense of purpose.  Over the years Manupupule’s name spread and has been fortunate enough to be sought after by many Hollywood movie stars, professional athletes, Grammy award winning musicians, movie producers, tribal chiefs, governors, spiritual leaders and philanthropists for his unique vision and exceptional talent.

Media Coverage

His work has been featured in many newspapers, in both domestic and international Magazines, on TV and in the movie Seeds of Aloha staring multi-grammy award winner George Kahumoku Jr. Manupupule’s work continues to receive attention throughout the world as he continues his world tour.

Recent Client List Includes

Over 700 of his original paintings are held in private collections in 53 countries around the world and growing. Most of his paintings are commissioned by lovers of his art.

Currently in progress * not in order *
Arun Ghandi (Spiritual Leader )
Jesus Payan Jr.
(TV Actor)
Kate Sean Green
Q’orianka Kilcher (Hollywood Movie Star)
Chief Black Fox (Dakota Nation Chief)
John Waihe’e (Former Governor of Hawai’i)
Karisa Turnley Smith
Monica Garcia McCook
Shannon Montira Laumauna

Recently Completed

Jon Pu’uhonu Ferrel
Amber Osterkamp
Leigh Heggie Adams
Aha Punanaleo (non-profit)
Eyram Marcelle Koudji
Jay Coleman
Rey Ronquilio (Professional Bodybuilder)
The Puakea Foundation (non-Profit)
Hui Mālama Ola Nā ‛Ōiwi (non Profit)
Avery Smith Greene (Philanthropist)
Karen Stanfield (Philanthropist)
Ashley Obrey (Professional fitness model)

 and many more people..

Art with Purpose

A series of profound happenings from 2000 onward greatly influenced the direction of his art career, he has since dedicated his life’s work to painting with a purpose. In addition to the many portrait commissions he receives each year much of his works feature endangered animals and will be soon compiled into a book “Before they are gone (2017)”

When you purchase his figurative work he donates to humanitarian charities
When you purchase his landscape or seascape art he donates to land and sea conservation efforts
When you purchase a pet portrait he donates to no-kill abandoned pet sanctuaries
When you purchase endangered species art he finds a charity that specifically helps that endangered species and donates to that charity.

With each sale Manupupule donates half of his profits from print and product sales to charities and organizations that assist in protecting and promoting each cause.  Each painting sold establishes another legacy of endowment art that will continue to sell and generate revenue for charities long into the future.


His early works are mostly watercolors and are nature themed, later in his career his style adapted as he explored and developed new mediums, his works matured from pure realistic representational imagery to surrealism & hyper-realism.  In his larger commissions you will find profound life-changing secrets encoded in very subtle symbolism.

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Painting for charity




Selected works in the links below.


  • 2009 Peoples Choice Award – Island Giclee Gallery Hilo Hawaii Hula themed art competition

Other Projects

When Manupupule is not painting he’s exploring the world, meeting with celebrities and activists orchestrating protests or working on his upcoming two books while script writing a full length feature film.

Contact Manupupule to Commission a painting

It is customary when commissioning a painting to pay at-least half the cost up front and half upon completion, while other arrangements may be made on an individual bases in all cases any monies paid in are non-refundable due to the high costs of professional paint supplies and other expenses.

It is important to know before you commission a painting from Manupupule that his normal turnover time is generally 6 months to a year sometimes longer for larger works. He is a perfectionist in every sense of the word so if you are in a rush please do not contact this artist he does not do rush orders. Something that is made to last hundreds or thousands of years should never be rushed.

If you love Manupupule’s art some of his best works will soon be unveiled, a series of Hawaiian figurative works based on Hawaiian legends will soon be exhibited for sale at the prestigious Contemporary Masters Gallery in Lahina Maui
mid range works range from $4,000 – $32,000
smaller studies will also be unveiled also at more affordable prices for just a few hundred.

If you would like to commission “Hawaiian themed figurative art” you need to contact the gallery owner Contemporary Masters Gallery has an exclusive contract on his Hawaiian themed figurative art.