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Endangered Hawaiian I’iwi Bird – Painting by Manupupule


iiwi birdThis small highly detailed painting depicts the critically endangered i’iwi bird native to the islands of Hawai’i, this painting symbolizes the inter-connectedness of the LAND, The PLANTS, and the WILDLIFE using the color red to show the connected various parts

The I’iwi bird may have been one of the first birds to discover Hawai’i, this royal bird may have carried with it the ‘Ohia seeds which are critical for all other plant life to follow.  The ‘Ohia tree is capable of progressively breaking apart solid volcanic lava rocks and over time creating the soil necessary for other plants such as the more delicate hapu’u ferns and orchid flowers to flourish. Thus the i’iwi bird is symbolically the bringer of abundance, the ‘Ohia is a symbol of creation and the lava is a symbol and renewal.

Out from the hardest hottest rock comes the most beautiful delicate firery blossom the Ohia Lehua, awakened only by the flight of the royal i’iwi – Manupupule

Today the i’iwi bird is critically endangered and needs our help!

This original painting is NOT AVAILABLE and PRINTS ARE SOLD OUT
however the artist Manupupule may be willing to reproduce a similar painting on commission and as always he donates 50% of his profits from each print sale to a charity related to the subject matter depicted.

He can be reached via FACEBOOK