Ali’i Warrior 1790 Eruption – Painting by Manupupule

Alii warrior by Manupupule

This painting by the famous Hawaii artist Manupupule was painted for a private collector on the island of Oahu it depicts a warrior emerging from the fallout of the great November eruption of 1790.

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Here is some history to give this painting contextual meaning.

( Source page 131 )

A brief history of the Hawaiian people

By William De Witt Alexander
The Eruption of Kilauea In November 1790 Keoua having divided the lands of Hilo between his chiefs set out for Kau by the overland route that leads past the volcano of Kilauea His followers encamped there two days during which the crater was very active On the third day as they were on their way to Kau in three divisions a terrific earthquake took place after which an immense black cloud rose out of the crater and shut out the light of day An enormous quantity of black sand and cinders was thrown to a great height and came down in a destructive shower for many miles around The rear body which suffered the least after the shower had passed over hastened forward rejoicing at their escape but they found the middle party all dead some lying down and others sitting up and clasping their wives and children in a farewell embrace They did not dare to linger but hurried on to overtake the advance company at their place of encampment This disaster convinced Kamehameha that the goddess Pele was on his side and must have discouraged Keoua.

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