Artistic philanthropy

Things are moving much faster here in my little Nu’uanu studio, I am expanding operations each day in the pursuit of my philanthropic goals for a better world.

” Together we can use art not only as a means of beautifying the insides of our homes but also as a means of improving the world around us. ”
- Manupupule

The great painter Herb Kawainui Kane was not only able to paint ancient cultural scenes in vivid and historically accurate details but also through his tireless efforts he was able to revive a dying culture and spread the seeds of wisdom from that culture for it to flourish in perpetuity.  His founding of such organizations as the Polynesian Voyaging Society was instrumental in accomplishing that magnificent task of bringing the past alive. It has always been my goal to be able to give back in much the same way as my hero Uncle Herb. But I can’t as of yet found an entire organization. That is why I am doing things a bit differently around here.

With every purchase 50% and sometimes more of the compensation paid will be donated to a non-profit charity that improves the very subjects of the inspiration. Thus monies from a painting depicting for instance a Hawaiian green sea turtle will benefit Hawaiian green sea turtles via the Sea Turtle Conservancy non profit, similarly a painting depicting the healing practice in Hawaiian culture of La’au Lapa’au will benefit native Hawaiians via the nonprofit Hui Mālama Ola Nā ‛Ōiwi or other similar Hawaiian health related organizations.

Your newly commissioned painting will come not only to symbolize your affinity for the subjects & elements within the painting but also your support for it.  So to get things started lets talk story, let me what your passionate about and I’ll tell you how I can help you help others make the world we imagine together a reality.

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